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Air Conditioner Repair Services

Summer can reach extreme temperatures in St. Charles & Warren county. Survant keeps their technician on call all summer long who are ready to respond to your air conditioner repair needs. When it comes to servicing or repairing your air conditioning system, the Survant team has you covered as well.

We stand behind our work in every way with warranties and guarantees. Our technicians are trained to find problems before they happen. Thus saving you from costly repairs.

Some of our benefits you will receive:

  • Licensed, insured, & bonded
  • 40+ years of experience in air conditioner repair service
  • Drug tested & background checked technicians
  • Phone answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • E.P.A. & I.C.E certified technicians
  • Fast, reliable air conditioner repair service
  • Up to 3 year warranties on repairs

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Choosing the right company

When choosing a company for your air conditioner repair needs, here are a few things to look for.

Are they licensed, insured, & bonded?

Make sure you choose a company that carries general liability insurance, a bond, and properly licensed to do the work. This way you know the company is a serious company. Most companies that have these three things will not install and run. Here at Survant we have all three. We carry a 2 million insurance policy, $10,000 bond, and we are EPA, and ICE certified.

Do they put a warranty on their work?

Warranties are very important when repairing your air conditioner. All of our repairs are warrantied for a period of 1 year minimum. Optional warranties of up to 3 years apply in some cases.

Are their technicians trustworthy & personable?

Every technician is hand picked by the owners. We only select people that are well qualified and have positive attitudes. We teach every technician to treat our customers as if they were family.

Air Conditioner Repair Service You Can Count On!

Upfront pricing, we keep our word

After our technician diagnoses your problem. He will give you a upfront price to get your system repaired. No matter how long it takes him to repair it we won’t charge extras then the upfront price.

Super fast response time

We’ve been know to arrive within a hour of you calling. Now that is super fast air conditioner repair service

Repair all makes & models

We carry universal parts on all of our service vehicles that will fit onto majority of the equipment brands our there today. We can get a repair fixed same day cause of this.

Warranties on all repairs

A minimum of a 1 year warranty will apply to all repairs made. Optional 3 year warranties can be applied for signing a maintenance contract.

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We use technology to our advantage

Technology has come a long ways in the past years. We have went digital with our record keeping. This way our technician can look up past repairs and apply notes straight to your account from the job. This also helps our office so we can focus more on customer service.

Trained to find future issues

We absolutely hate getting call backs a month or two later then when we were there. We also know you don’t like it either. When repairing your air conditioner our technicians are trained to look for potential issues that your air conditioning system may have. Thus getting rid of a extra service call and saving your equipment from a major problem.

Don’t need air conditioner repair?¬†Want to replace instead?

We do that too!

The Old Way, The Wrong Way

Back in the day when heating and air conditioning contractors sized equipment they used, the rule of thumb method. Basically, every 500 square feet would equal one ton of cooling. That worked alright for the houses back then, but since old homes are being upgraded with better windows, and better insulation this rule of thumb method makes the system oversized for the house. These are huge factors to consider when sizing your equipment. A system that was once sized with rule of thumb method might be oversized after all the upgrades have been done to the house.

The Old Way

So how do we know what size is RIGHT?

The New Way, The Right Way

The right way is to take everything into consideration. Windows, doors, direction of the house, type of materials used to build, basement/no basement, how many windows, etc. All this information is taken and inputed into a program call a Manual J Load Calculation. Here the program will take into effect everything the house is built with and also we can input custom setting, like what temperature do you want your house to hold on a 95 degree summer day. Then the program will tell us exactly what size of system to install. Find out more information about our air conditioner installations here.

The New Way
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