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Survant Heating & Air Conditioning is on stand-by, ready to repair any furnace issue you may have. With fully stocked vans, we have a good chance to repair your furnace same day.

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Furnace Repair Service in Warren & St. Charles County

Winter months can get extremely cold in Warren & St. Charles County. At Survant Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that you can never plan enough for emergency situations.  That’s why we offer our furnace repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us and find out for yourself how good our furnace repair service really is.

Benefits of using Survant Heating & Air Conditioning

24 Hour Emergency Repair – Our furnace repair emergency service is top notch. After regularly scheduled business hours, our phones get forwarded straight to a technician who is on call for the night. Not only is he there for furnace repair, but he also doubles as technical support. This way we might fix your problem over the phone and save you $$$!

3 Year Furnace Repair Guarantee – We offer a option for a 1,2, or 3 year furnace repair guarantee. Signing up for a maintenance plan will automatically get you the repair guarantee. How long the repair warranty will be, depends on which plan is chosen. We currently offer 3 different plans. View them here.

Highly Trained Technicians – Our technicians are fully certified to handle your furnace repair needs. Each technician graduates from a technical school and is required to become Nate certified before he/she can work by their self. We then use HVAC learning solutions keep them trained on new technology.

Flat Rate Pricing – Survant Heating & A/C believes that your shouldn’t have to pay a technician for his mistakes.  That’s why we use a flat rate furnace repair pricing system. Our pricing is full proof. Survant’s technicians will give a upfront price to repair your system before the repairs are done. We use a new app call coolfront. See for yourself here.

We know its hard deciding on a heating contractor to work on your home, so we have taken all the guess work out of it for you.

When to call for furnace repair

Delaying your repair may result in damaging your furnace more. Here are a few steps to follow when you notice your furnace isn’t working like it should.

Odd noises coming from furnace – Weird noises are not normal. They usually result in breakdowns.

 Insufficient heat – When a unit cannot keep your house up to temperature. There is a problem. Turn off the unit and call.

High electric or gas bill – When a furnace is not working to its full potential, it causes high electric bill. You should get it check out.

Family experiencing sickness – A furnace putting out carbon monoxide is a serious issue and causes sickness inside your home. These usually require emergency furnace replacement.

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Delaying your repair may result in damaging your furnace more. Here are a few steps to follow when you notice your furnace isn’t working like it should.

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Why choose our us for furnace repair

 Fully licensed, insured, and bonded
 3 year parts warranty on repairs
 We carry a wide variety of parts on each vehicle
 Affordable upfront pricing before a repair is made
 24/7 emergency service available
 A+ rating with the better business bureau
 Servicing all makes and models
 Clean cut staff anyone can trust
 Reliable work vehicles

The old style furnace 1940s – 2005

Your probably used to it but here’s what an old furnace does. Turns on, blasts the home with heat, baking the humidity right out of the air. Then it shuts off and allows the home to cool off. This is the problem since certain parts of the home cool off faster than others. Some rooms have more heat load than others causing rooms to warm unevenly. So you end up with a home that has uneven temperatures and has high temperature swings. Also think about this if you need that 80,000 BTU furnace on a 30 degree night, what about a 60 degree night. Do you still need that 80,000 BTU furnace? Probably not is the answer.

Old Furnace

Why Not Choose…This

The new style Furnace 2005 – Current

Fully Modulating gas valve and a variable speed motor. This furnace can vary the heat output and the speed of the blower motor. Instead of turning on off on off this unit will come on slow and rev up only giving you the heat you need and always running on the lowest possible speed. If its real cold out, you get a lot of heat but when it’s only a little cold, you get a little heat. And since it runs at a lower speed and put out less heat it takes longer to warm the home almost never shutting off it just revs up or revs down always keeping every part of the home to within 1/10th of a degree to where you set it. Since it stays running it keeps the air circulating and those rooms in the home that are uneven, after one of these they will be because all your homes air is always mixing.

YP9C New Furnace

That is the level of comfort we at Survant provide. Call 636-745-7353 for a free estimate or contact us below.

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