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HVAC Maintenance

Heating & A/C Maintenance

“HVAC systems need loving too”

Maintenance could literally be the difference in a machine that last’s 8 years and a machine that lasts 20 years

Nobody would ever dream of letting their car go 100,000 miles without so much as a tune up or an oil change. But that’s exactly what an air conditioner does in a Las Vegas summer; it goes 100,000 miles or at least equivalent in run time. These machines are designed at 105 degrees but, we all know it can get as hot as 115+ degrees in Las Vegas. Air Conditioners do not do well at those temperatures and that is why you need to some routine maintenance to ensure your air conditioner continues to blow cold.

How often should I have my heating or air conditioner looked at?

The best thing to do is give your air conditioner a good cleaning and a good once over every year about a month before summer. Also, give your furnace the old eagle eye once a year right before winter. There are times when you will look at your furnace and say oh, there was nothing wrong but, what about that one time when you catch a small problem before it became a big problem. That one time will save you some head ache and some money. The furnace absolutely needs to be checked for mechanical function, safety and rust every year.